See you in 2026!

Created in 2017, the Swiss Police Throwdown built on its success and is now open to all policemen in Europe. In 2024 we introduced a new concept : a team edition!
See you in 2026 for the next edition!

WOD 1 - « Are you waiting on me? »

2x 50 wall ball (9/6kg) /150 Double-under*
40 synchro T2B
2x 30/22cal Row/30 BJ over* (60/50cm)
40 synchro chest to bar
*when both athletes have completed the reps, the team switches
CAP 14 min

WOD 2 - « Chose the girl »

Chose Isabel or Grace

30 snatch @60/40kg
30 Clean & Jerk @60/40kg
*each athlete has to chose one benchmark
CAP 7min

WOD 3 – « Blood in the mouth » For time

10 rounds15/12cal Bike erg standing
5x Shuttle run (2x 7m = 1 shuttle run)
*one athlete has to complete one full round before switching (5 rounds each athlete)
CAP 12min

WOD 4 – « Like a gymnast » 10min

In 10:00 for max cal Ski erg
3:00 Chin over bar hold
2:00 L-sit on plate
2:00 one Plate pinch hold (20/15)
3:00 Free HS Hold (1m2)
While A does the task, B perform ski, switch every time you break
Score is number of cal

WOD 5 – « Heavy or not ? » For time

For time – Synchro D.T with partner carry
DB and barbell you choose witch material you want to use (barbell or Dumbells)
5 rounds12 Deadlift9 Hang power clean
6 Shoulder to overhead
DB’s @2×20/15 and Barbell @70/50
Btw each round 150m Partner carry outside
CAP 15min